With the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas , plus the stress that this occurs, there are many people who feel sad and depressed .

Sometimes known "holiday blues " can be caused by seasonal affective disorder ( SAD ) , this occurs during the winter months when our biological rhythms are not in sync with the sun. A lack of sunlight is the sadness of the vacation can be caused by various factors such as joins :

Grieving the loss of a loved one : parents , children, siblings or spouse.

Coping with a changing situation, such as job loss or serious illness .

Having unrealistic expectations of a "perfect Christmas " amid the crisis with family or work problems.

The disruption of normal patterns of food - entertainment - exercise - work and sleep .

We often have too many commitments that take up all our time. Suddenly we have to shop and cook for 30 parties and children's festivals .

Just not getting enough sleep , we stop exercising and started overeating.


Best to overcome feelings of sadness or depression, and recover , if only in part, the joy of Christmas is :

Ensure that enough sleep , exercising, and eat healthy everything we can.

It is also important scheduled free time to make room for relaxing moments.

Rethink our expectations upon which we can achieve in the new year , so that more realistic.

For anyone who has recently lost a loved being , consider him a tribute by creating a meaningful ceremony, as lighting a candle in memory of the person, write a letter on your memory or bring family and friends to share special memories of that person .