The app initially has a database of 150 species , which will be extended with regular updates . " Each card has at least one reference picture , and in some species have been included color illustrations developed by pioneers of mycology between the end of s . Eighteenth and early s . XX. Also incorporated in some cases black and white drawings of microscopic characters , "says researcher Maria Paz Martin of the Royal Botanic Gardens CSIC .

In the development of content and reference images have helped members of the Catalan Society of Mycology and the Mycological Society of Madrid.

Search Filters

From different filters that analyze the morphology , the season and the habitat where the fungus has been found , thanks to the information provided funds the Royal Botanic Gardens , the application selects species sheets with the most likely outcomes . In addition to identifying the fungus sighted , FungiNote can know all the information on the issue: their different names, the etymology of the taxonomy , conservation status , geographical distribution , curiosities and whether it is edible or not, among other data.

" Mycology enthusiasts can have all this information quickly and easily , but remember that this is reference information for the identification of fungi is not intended to be a guide for human consumption. If in doubt about the toxicity of a copy is recommended not collect it or ingest it , "adds Martin.

Social field notebook

In addition to the query function , FungiNote to create a custom field notebook to write down the findings , locations , dates and include photos of themselves . " This custom file can be kept private or , if you will, shared online with other users of the application. This application seeks to strengthen the social aspect of this hobby, and invites mycologists to share and discuss their own findings and those of others with the whole community of fans , "concludes the researcher.

"This initiative fulfills one of the goals it has raised the CSIC for years : bring the company to the lab and back to promote products to be obtained that can reach society . This new technology also will continue to implement the result of ongoing work between the CSIC and the company , "said Alicia Castro.

The application has been developed by the Spanish company Wake App! and is now available for download, that during the month of November will be free.