Four years ago the issue of a BBC program looking into the cosmetic industry kicked out. Boots Laboratories was creating an antiaging formula: Serum No. 7. The broadcast aroused such curiosity among British women after issue came to be queuing at the pharmacy to get going on to sell one unit every 2.3 seconds. Incredible!

The beauty will be the flagship product line also includes a day cream, night and eye area and all of them with a combination of ingredients that are key to reduce wrinkles and slow aging. Only sold in drugstores and of course we already have in

The ability of this product to repair damaged skin has been confirmed by several reliable studies and independent.

It also gives a lot is the fact that their products are tested not only in laboratories but are sent to independent schools across Europe and have a database with over 40,000 members who regularly test their formulas, and if they do not expectations, then, returned to the laboratory.

All tests reach the same conclusion is that 4 weeks of constant treatment, no changes in photoaged dermal extracellular matrix. Or what is the same, that reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

For this there are two ranges depending on age: Serum7, from age 35 and Serum7 LIFT from age 45.

What is this treatment for so many scientific studies support their effectiveness and have been a huge hit in the UK?

* Vitamin C is an antioxidant, protects against damage by free radicals.
* Pro-retinol which boosts cell renewal.
* And the curious firming complex consisting of alfalfa and larch, to restore tone and elasticity of the skin.

Certainly something more innovative than other products pose.

Larch (Larix occidentalis) is a tree that yields a polysaccharide called arabinogalactan with immunostimulatory properties, besides being an excellent cell renewal, get regular transepidermal water loss and controlling moisture.

The effect of vitamin C is enhanced when accompanied by other ingredients.

The combination of these ingredients in a suitable formulation is, what tests have shown that increases fibrillin, a glycoprotein essential for the formation of elastic fibers and procollagen.

Yesterday I received in and throughout this week, we will be adding the full range of products to our website.