The coordinator of the Obesity Working Group of the SEEN, Susana Monereo, explains that "it is not balanced diets also have an effect on the yo-yo in a short period of time to retrieve the body weight above the weight initial cause problems on the metabolism and renal function, or vitamin deficiencies cause hair loss, among other harmful effects. "

Every summer there are new diets that promise quick weight loss and quickly, as the blood group diet, the maple syrup, fat-burning soup, jar of baby, Dukan diet or the Atkins diet or ice cream churning.

The president of the SEEN, Thomas Lucas, explains that "a low calorie diet is monotonous in the body to create a constant sense of lack of energy, which will store reservations about the diet back to some normalcy." Considers all of them induce severe nutritional deficiencies, water loss and muscle mass can have significant negative consequences in the short and long term health.

The main symptoms are weight loss diet wrong two or more kilos a week, feeling a loss of volume, tone and muscle strength, fatigue, irritability and compulsive need to eat or sleep difficulties.

These experts believe that they must raise awareness of the importance of having a normal weight, but we must take account of weight regain after a diet, a very common phenomenon that adversely affects health and that often not given importance.

It is estimated that obesity affects 150 million adults and 15 million children in Europe, ie 20% of the adult population and 10% of children. Thomas Lucas says that "this is a public health problem of first order, which is associated with high morbidity and health costs and favors the emergence of many diseases."

The energy balance that regulates body weight decreases or increases energy expenditure, depending on the intake, but with a clear tendency to save energy, so that increasing the intake, expenditure increased slightly, while that reducing intake, the reduction in spending is much higher.

In short, it must be irresponsible or advise induce weight loss when it is not necessary or when the patient is re-educated so that you can keep the weight off. Susana Monereo concludes that "one should lose weight you will be able to keep in line with changes to be able to make in their lifestyle."