The work is part of the institution collaboration , through the investigations of a team of scientists , and the company maintained for over a decade .

The signing , which took place at the headquarters of the CSIC , was chaired by Vice President and Internationalization Transfer CSIC , Alicia Castro , and the CEO of Grupo Vichy Catalan, Joan B. Renart i Montalat . Also attended by the Deputy Vice CSIC Knowledge Transfer , Angel Knight , and CSIC researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology of Food M ª Pilar Vaquero.

The aim of the new study , in which there are more than six , is to know whether this water consumed as part of the regular diet , lowers cholesterol , and as to whether there are other favorable changes in cardiovascular risk biomarkers in healthy adults . Vichy Catalan mineral water is heavily mineralized and rich in bicarbonate , sodium and chloride. Also contains lithium and silicon.

" The various human trials that our research group has made in the last ten years indicate that reduces cardiovascular risk , since for two months consumed leads to lower bad LDL cholesterol ," says Cowboy, research coordinator .

The team led by Cowboy Vichy Catalan has observed decreases postprandial lipemia ( increased triglycerides in the bloodstream after a meal ) and could improve glucose concentrations and insulin sensitivity . Also, do not affect the bone remodeling or blood pressure in postmenopausal women, and tends to decrease systolic pressure young men and women.

"In addition , our publications are pioneers in stating that sodium should not be equated systematically sodium chloride or common salt, and baking soda, which is the predominant anion in this water , plays an important role," CSIC researcher adds .
The researchers carried out a test on healthy volunteers in the region of Madrid. Everyone should be between 18 and 45 years and have total cholesterol levels between 200 and 300 milligrams per deciliter . The tests will consist crossed and consumption as a supplement to the usual diet , one liter of water a day .