The watches heart rate monitors make this work for you. These monitors include a belt with a transmitter that is placed around the chest to go by measuring heart rate and a wristwatch that wirelessly connects to the transmitter on the chest and shows the training data.

The best heart rate monitors track other metrics while you work, things like speed, distance and location, as well as heart rate. Many models include options to enter height and weight to adapt the information.

Doctors recommend exercising in a range between 60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate, this is known as the target area. This practice minimizes the risk of injury or cardiovascular problems, while providing enough exercise to improve health. A simplified formula for calculating maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age.

However, for athletes, people of serious training for marathons and half marathons, heart rate monitors can be pretty motivational tools.

Here are the top three:

Suunto Quest

Ranks first among heart rate monitors for accuracy and extras: Unlike other heart rate monitors, this one comes with the ability to store data online tracking account Movescount. Users receive information about calories, exercise duration and distance. All this information is easily loaded in Movescount .. The chest strap is included when you purchase the watch, but the GPS sensors to measure distances must be purchased separately. The watch has an impressive memory, with a capacity to store up to 1,000 sessions. Its price is around € 160.

polar RS300X

The Polar RS100 heart rate monitor was selected as No.1 Top Ten for heart rate monitors in 2013 and the same company now has another winner with its model Polar RS300X. This monitor has been highly praised for having alarms that alert users when they enter your target heart rate zone. The clock also make you know when the battery is running low, but unfortunately this must be replaced in service. The battery life is two years, more than most heart rate monitors. Its price is around € 80.

Garmin Forerunner 15

Garmin Forerunner 15 is ahead of other heart rate monitors GPS device to include in the package - most monitors require additional accessories to track the location, distance and pace. For many users, this function can compensate for the fact that the Forerunner offers a limited storage capacity, maintaining data only seven sessions. The watch comes with a USB cable for transferring data to the PC to perform tracking workouts. This watch is rechargeable via USB cable. Its price is around € 130