On the occasion of World Disability Day, which was held on December 3, the Spanish Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (SERMEF) issued the following statement:

1. Doctors warn rehabilitators Spain that the aging population will cause an increased risk of disability in older adults. The population is aging and the risk of disability is greater among older adults.

2. Rehabilitation specialists in Spain work in many areas of health and virtually all age groups and we do it with a double perspective: healing and improve function. That is, doctors are functionality. Therefore, it is obvious our involvement and the degree of sensitivity to the disabled patient.

3. The disabled person is one of the reasons being our specialty.

4. We believe that the celebration of World Disability Day is appropriate to reflect on the obstacles hindering the access of people with disabilities to services that many of us consider essential. We aim to achieve a life of health and dignity for all.

5. We must create favorable environments, promote rehabilitation and support services.

6. Should ensure adequate social protection, create inclusive policies and programs and implement rules and laws, new or existing, for the benefit of people with disabilities. People with disabilities should be central to these efforts.

Picture By Ltljltlj (talk · contribs) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons