Duo Sensor Technology utilises this accuracy which makes is particularly suitable for people who want accurate measurement results. These may be important for people who
receive drug treatment due to high blood pressure in helping their doctor prescribe the right dosage of the drug for them. Moreover, many patients with certain types of disordered heart rhythms can now obtain accurate values when using this automatic blood pressure measuring device. Also, the microphone is mounted in the device itself rather than the cuff, reducing susceptibility to malfunction from operating errors. Duo Sensor Technology thus produces accurate results and is still easy to use.

Nikolai Korotkoff, a Russian scientist, is credited as being the founder of modern blood pressure measurement. Over 100 years ago, he discovered that blood pressure can be measured with a cuff and stethoscope.

...and the special characteristics of the oscillometric measurement

The oscillometric measurement detects the pulse wave vibrations in the artery rather than pulse sounds. Using a pre-programmed formula known as algorithm, a processor calculates the most likely blood pressure values. The measurement results are calculated indirectly, whereas the Korotkoff method measures blood pressure directly on the artery. The oscillometric measurement method is considered less accurate than the Korotkoff method. However, it is suitable for people whose pulse sounds are so faint that they cannot be auscultated by Korotkoff's method.