Nobody wants to go to bed accompanied by a guard (unless this is not a new erotic game) and yet no one wants in any way be in the plight to realize that complicity has gradually lost without helplessly.

How to cope? The trick is, as always, to be able to find a way to communicate not only through words and appearance, but also by the signals our body starts spontaneously and learn to interpret them.

This simple trick is the basis of achieving what for many is a kind of chimera: synchronized orgasm, pleasure is not simultaneous, esponateno necessarily rare phenomenon, but the chain occurs. In other words, the orgasm can stimulate your partner and, therefore, the feelings are amplified greatly.

Dr. Laura Nardecchia explains. "Man must delay their orgasm, wait for the pleasure of the woman to climax. Orgasm itself only lasts a few seconds, but is followed by small contractions in women. If he reaches a climax in this time can increase feelings of pleasure for women. "

To achieve this there is no trick quirky or strange things, there is no technique that allows us to automate this process in some sort of recipe. To synchronize the pleasure just need a good dose of complicity, just that women are not passive display, but you learn to express your feelings and that man should be attentive not only to his own body, but also that of its companion.

Try to believe.