The limited participation of the users of the public health system in the vaccination campaign against the H1N1 virus becomes evident when compared with the annual follow-up campaigns to prevent the spread of conventional flu.

The messages the user has been very contradictory, and while the officer and the scientist advocated the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, there have been many conflicting discourses and alarmist, primarily through the Internet they have sown doubt among the "candidates" vaccinated, in addition, few physicians, or primary or Specialist, gave an example of a public health practice, ie if they were protecting people attending and not themselves, and similar results were seen in other key sectors of the State Security Forces and local.

The Ministry of Health of Navarra return to the Ministry of Health 60% of vaccines against influenza A that had been reserved to meet the campaign. Immunization against the new H1N1 virus has not cost to the autonomous communities, it will be the state that is responsible for removing the excess and manage it.

Despite all the caution and ignorance that has existed on the new pandemic, no one escapes her reflection and psychosis is that we have experienced great about the problems that could generate the dreaded influenza A, has finally stayed that way: psychosis.

The Health Authority has stated that the vaccination campaign is still open in many communities and has encouraged the target population to approach its health center to receive the vaccine.