I have to warn that Spain continues to concern us. Unfortunately, my darkest predictions are confirmed," Onischenko said in a news conference.

He rememberd that three of the nine cases recorded in Russia, were people who had been in Spain, while another five people who came back from that country are under observation.

"I believe with these figures there is nothing more to say or need to insist on asking them not to travel to Spain," said the head of the Epidemiology Service, quoted by the Interfax agency.

The data of the tourism sector, Onischenko noted that Spain is one of the ten most visited countries by the Russians.

It also drew attention to the situation in China, where in addition to the cases of swine flu, "continues to spread the H5N1 virus (avian flu)."

"This could lead to a cumulative effect as a result of the confluence of these two strains,' he said'.