Given these two cases of swine flu, the Department was in contact yesterday with the parents of children attending school. Throughout the morning, had meetings with all parents to inform them of the situation. "He has spoken to us and a doctor has informed us that this flu is like the normal flu", said a mother of one of the students in summer school out of the reunion. "Basically we were told that we have been meeting because it is a new disease and we have explained the protocols to follow" another parent said.

At present the school of Lope de Vega Benidorm is home to over 600 children, among those attending summer school and some of the Costa Blanca Cup Tournament to be hosted on its facilities during the tournament. According to health, such as the European protocol for action, there was no closure of summer school. As for the reaction of parents, had everything from parents who were confident that "everything is under control" and that they took it calmly, even those that "we do not feed back to bring my children to school "." They say 25 children have been infected by an English campus. We are concerned by this new disease, but say that we should consider it as just a normal flu that is new, "commented one parent.

Last night, we know that there are, apart from the two confirmed cases, infected 25 other potential students in summer school and at least one of the children who attend the Costa Blanca Cup tournament and is hosted at the College is also possibly ill. Children who came to town last weekend.

"We are waiting to hear the evidence of a participant in the Costa Blanca Cup, which yesterday began showing the symptoms to know to stick with the rest of the children who had contact with him," said one parent who have accompanied the participants of this tournament in Madrid.

The Conseller of Health, Manuel Cervera, said yesterday that unknown origin of influenza A that involved two children aged 9 and 12 years of summer school of the College of Benidorm Lope de Vega, and that in next days may appear new cases of the disease.

"No one knows the source of infection in these children. For now know that (you have in mind that Valencia has many times in these camps for school children who come from throughout Spain. And as the virus is all over Spain, and well, and I do not want to think we are a community that receives people from all over the world). Then could come anywhere people with the virus, of course as with any flu virus, it's hard to know because after that first stage where there was a country or two countries in particular where the virus came, now and transmission and spread of the virus is worldwide, "said the conseller.