Teresa Forcades , a nun at the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat, Internal medicine physician from the State University of New York and a doctorate in public health from the University of Barcelona, explains in her video that "new flu" is not new because it is type A, or not to be H1N1 subtype, but the only thing new is belong to the strain S-OIV.

She remember us that the flu epidemic of 1918 was type A (H1N1) virus but disappeared and reappeared in 1957, being resynthesized in 1977 and from this moment the virus A (H1N1) are part of the flu season each year.

The nun-doctor explains that the vaccine against influenza A (H1N1) is mandatory due to the declaration of a pandemic by the World Health Organization, since, as he recalled, since 2005 the WHO can give orders to governments on vaccine cases pandemic.

The doctor warns that most laboratories have designed the influenza vaccine in two doses, which should add to the seasonal flu vaccine, which has never been done and multiplying by three the possibility of effects occurring side.

She also reveals that the laboratories are usiing very potent vaccines adjuvants, polisorbitol and squalene, which increase tenfold the immune response to, thus making the vaccine more effective. Squalene was already used in vaccines for the soldiers of the Gulf War and is known, according to Dr. Forcades, which has severe side effects on the central nervous system.

Pharmaceutical companies, said Mother Teresa, is requiring states to sign immunity agreements that if vaccines have more side effects than expected, the industry would be exempt from all liability.


Full Video: http://www.vimeo.com/6790193