The consejeria of Health and Social Policy, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, and the Special Committee for the Management of Ebola in Spain, has today enabled the action protocol for a suspected case of Ebola in the Region Murcia.

This is a man of 25 who have been seen by the Emergency Primary Care Jumilla at his home this morning, suffering fever and vomiting, which together with five days traveled from Mali to Spain makes made that the protocol is activated by prevention.

The patient is being transferred to the Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca referral center for suspected cases of Ebola in the Region of Murcia, where he will be hospitalized in isolation on the seventh floor, and will be attended to and valued by the medical team Infectious hospital coordinated by Dr. José Antonio Herrero.

The patient was picked up at his home, where he was treated in an ambulance, where he remained isolated for a Medical Emergency Unit 061 specially equipped to transport people with suspected Ebola in the Region of Murcia.

The consejeria has followed step by step all the provisions of the procedure to diagnose a suspected case of Ebola in the region. The Department of Health is working on the case from the outset to establish the necessary measures for a suspected case.

The consejera of Health and Social Policy, Catalina Lorenzo, has called for "calm and work that is left to the professionals, who have demonstrated these days that can perfectly handle this type of situation." Lorenzo has stated that "we have launched training, and every day that passes we are more prepared. Everything worked properly and keep in mind that this protocol is enabled for prevention. "