Leire Pajin announced the distribution of the first five million dose generic drugs in boxes of 100 units. For the moment, there are four presentations of these drugs: paracetamol of a gram at a price of 0.17 € pharmacy unit, 650-mg. by € 0.12, ibuprofen 600 g. by € 0.17 and 400 g. by 0.16 €.

Leire Pajin said that the reason is that doctors can prescribe the right amount of medicines needed by a patient and it does not accumulate excessive medication.

He announced that as of yesterday started to distribute the dose pharmacy ibuprofen and paracetamol, with a design that allows pharmacists to keep the bar code and the code also incorporates braille for the blind.

This initiative, recently approved by the Ministry, aims to implement the sale of drugs in unidosis savings as a pharmaceutical bill.

According to the Ministry, is also a qualitative and quantitative leap in the politics of rational drug use and prevent the possible illegal sale of surplus drugs, while reducing the cost estimated in the emergency treatment of self-medication, 20% of total medical emergency.

Leire Pajin gave no exact figure on the savings that this measure will mean for the NHS, waiting to start the sale of single dose in order to present actual data.

Health Minister will be moved to "expand the number of single-dose drugs" with other mass use, such as omeprazole. He also noted that work on the manufacture of containers, preferably antibiotics, which contain the exact number of pills you need a specific treatment or they can split the drugs in the same pharmacy.

During the visit, Leire Pajin was accompanied by Jordi Ramentol, Ferrer CEO and senior executives of the company, with General Secretary of Health, Jose Martinez, the director general of Pharmacy, Alfonso Jimenez, and Director of Pharma Onedose , Rosa Pardina.

Ferrer has invested 20.5 million euros on the premises of 13,800 square meters and equipped with LEED Gold environmental certification.