Peter Pan syndrome is a personality disorder that occurs in adults and is characterized by infantile behavior and rejection of any responsibility.

The syndrome is caused due to psychological childhood trauma of emotional nature, which blocks the child's emotional development.

In other words, the person affected is usually grown, their intelligence is developed, but their interest is caught in the world of childhood, like the character in the story "Peter Pan" which is immersed in a wonderful world out of trouble of adults.

Analyzing the life of Stanley, we find a troubled adolescence, characterized have been abused which led him at age 13 to wet the bed at night, finishing using diapers.

Stanley soon began to enjoy all the amenities associated with the condition of being "baby" which was difficult to separate, pampered by his mother, who supported him in everything.

A typical day Stalney: sleeping in a "giant cradle," as used baby pajamas but full size XXXL and play with toys hanging from the ceiling.

In the morning his mother wakes him gently remind you to take the bottle in the morning, then wears adult clothes to leave.

On his return home he puts his clothes "Big Baby" to play with Lego toys with love and care.

Because of this syndrome and suffering from heart disease, Stanley the state has recognized their work disability and can not work normally, so you receive a pension for life.