The causes that give rise to fatigue can be very diverse. States of anxiety, depression or stress give rise to fatigue, but also can be caused by a physical illness such as heart problems, lung infections, etc.. Fatigue is caused by physical problems, in general more acute than psychological origin.

The arrival of spring brings with it changes in temperature, light and power which can bring significant disturbances to the body. At this, the body sometimes reacts with a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, drowsiness, apathy and irritability, we know as spring asthenia. The mild symptoms that affects nearly 2% of the population and is more common in women between 35 and 60 years.
As the body gets adjusted to the changes typical spring fatigue disappears so you do not need any treatment for fatigue spring, but the maintenance of appropriate habits:

Sleep is necessary
Mild exercise
Take energy foods (nuts, dates, etc.).
Eating a healthy diet.
Avoiding the following alcohol and snuff.
Take a multivitamin.

The only vitamin and mineral supplements should complement a balanced diet, not to compensate for bad eating habits.

If the tiredness lasts for several months, it is advisable to consult a specialist because it may question from a more severe as, for example, chronic fatigue syndrome or depression.

Dietary supplements useful in cases of asthenia spring:

Royal Jelly: It acts as a stimulant, tonic and euphoric, so it is very effective in the states of fatigue, mental and physical fatigue.
Polen: thanks to their property balancing, invigorating and energetic.
Trace elements: such as copper, phosphorus, iron and manganese helpful in states of fatigue and asthenia.
Coenzyme Q10 is an essential substance for energy production in each of our cells.
Vitamins Group B: those contained in brewer's yeast are essential vitamins for healthy nervous system as well as increasing energy levels.