However, Rafael Prieto points out, this drop in quality is not affecting fertility. "They are two completely different issues but in this case affect issues such as the increase of women in work tasks, stress, sedentary lifestyle, unemployment, etc.".

External factors such as diet, stress, pollution, consumption of alcohol and snuff and the age at which children today have influenced this. In this sense, any sexual problem requires an analysis of the patient's overall health. Urologists, increasingly, taking into account the increased life expectancy of the population, have a responsibility to understand that most patients who come to the consultation by a sexual theme behind have other health problems that also require their attention.

Just urologists have agreed to indicate that in the last decade, more men go to these consultasdesapareciendo slowly "bad image" that had the presence of a man with the urologist to talk about their sex life. In fact, as an example, 75 or 80% of cases the patients themselves who take the subject of the erection to the doctor without question by the specialist.