One in four citizens will not see the leaflet to re-use a medication that had kept.

According to a study by Sigrid and Environmental Medicine at the national level to discuss health and environmental habits of Spanish society on the use, conservation and method of disposal of medicines in private homes.

Data collected by this entity show a tendency to keep the drugs in the kit if the end of a treatment on a few doses, as in the 54 percent of households.

As is clear from SIGRE study, the median household kits is between 11 and 12 drugs, of which half are commonly used by family members.

The habit of keeping these remains, coupled with the lack of verification of expiration date and do not see the prospectus at all times can lead to an accident by the misuse of a drug.

In terms of location, it is important to remember to be in a cool, dry and protected from the light-bone or in the kitchen or bathroom, and of course out of reach of children.