Almost half the population (47%) included in the risk groups against influenza A has not been vaccinated or do not have any vaccinations, according to the study on the acceptance of the vaccine of the pandemic among the Spanish population and level of perceived severity to the H1N1 virus between people. In addition 86.4% of the population is little or no concern for this disease, compared to 13.2 which is concerned to suffer influenza A.

Gonzalez Jurado said the public does not perceive it as a problem, but stressed that this situation may change with the arrival of cold weather in the coming weeks because, he explained, to 20 degrees the virus lasts four days, while zero grades may last a month, so it will be more cases of influenza A.

"Influenza A has gone to generate great concern to reach almost to negligence," said the chairman of the General Nursing Council, Maximo Gonzalez Jurado on the occasion of the conference "Vaccines, Present and Future" held yesterday at the headquarters of the Council . Gonzalez Jurado has ensured that some professionals "do not want" vaccinated, "thus going the ethical standards that should govern a professional." In his opinion "it is ethically reprehensible that the health professional is not vaccinated is a no ethics irresponsabialidad protect patients through self-medication. "Freedom of conscience," he insists should not be given to a professional event without any scientific basis. "

Without wishing to generate any alarms, Gonzalez Jury believes that professionals should set an example and are required to follow the guidelines of the authorities because "it is ethically reprehensible that the health professional is not vaccinated" as a risk group that can transmit virus to vulnerable patients.

The representative of more than 240,000 nurses also charged against the Organization Medical College in reproaching the responsibility of conducting medical forums which calls for not vaccinating.