The age of women would affect the performance of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and pregnancy rates, however, its effectiveness is maintained or is increasing slightly, which means that treatments are increasingly effective.

As a result of births TRA, over 75% are single, double continue to decline 30% in 2005 to 21.9% in 2006 and triple the figures represent minimum (1.7%)

The rates of pregnancy resulting from assisted reproduction techniques are well above the European average, with figures above 30%

In Spain were more than 30,000 cycles of artificial insemination and more than 50,000 in vitro fertilization and sperm microinjection, according to data from the last record.

The latest published data for the registry SEF 2006, put Spain as the third European country with more cycles of assisted reproduction, with a total of 50,299 per year and the first cycles of egg donation and preimplantation diagnosis. The previous year the SEF Record 2005 placed Spain in third place which shows the annual progression that has occurred. In addition, pregnancy rates are well above the European average, with figures above 30%.