BIOXET, BIOTA Laboratories, is a new permanent natural solution for unwanted body hair that was made in Spain at the hands of Intersos, distributor of health products, beauty and wellness.

Developed as an alternative to waxing. BIOXET cream is a natural herbal formula which provides a weakening and stunting of the villi, in a fast, easy and painless and without resorting to painful, expensive iterative methods depilatories or up to that point. Likewise, BIOXET provides a daily skin care, maintaining the pH and moisture, and inhibiting hair nutrition.

Scientific support

Clinical studies conducted by the Department of Cosmetology of the University of Istanbul, Anadolu University (Turkey) and the German laboratories DERMATEST GmbH guarantees the functionality and security BIOXET, noting a significant reduction of hair (46%), a decrease of the length (43%) and thickness (30%) after three months of application. Thus, the efficiency of its formulation and ease of use are dermatologically tested and are the main keys to their success.

BIOXET, originally developed under the name Biod, is a product of the laboratories of cosmetics B'IOTA who produce and sell various items and skin capillaries in Turkey since 1999.

Currently available in over 20,000 pharmacies in Turkey, BIOXET is marketed internationally in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Jordan and Lebanon.

On the other hand, Spain BIOXET reaches the hand of interest, one of the country's leading companies in distribution of health products, beauty and well being, and one of the most advanced in terms of implementing the latest techniques in order to improve the quality of life of consumers.