From the National Committee for Smoking Prevention believe the move easier for young people into contact with the snuff, so the risk of addiction is greater. The kiosks that sell this product again may increase the accessibility of children, because it is shown that the more outlets there are, the more accessible is the snuff for them, because it is more difficult to control its distribution.

75% of Spanish between 14 and 17, say they find "easy or very easy" to purchase snuff. "This was alert from the National Committee for Smoking Prevention, which fears that after reopening the possibility of selling snuff in the newsagents provide more access by minors to cigarettes.

For its part, the Union of Professionals and Self-Employed (UPTA) considers that the measure will have a positive impact because it will benefit 25,000 local 'release specific sales with direct access to public roads. The agency explained that in 2005, when it adopted the Law on tobacco control measures, Spain had 34,000 media outlets in assets, of which only about 3,000, who were at street kiosks, were allowed to continue with the work of selling snuff.