In recent weeks we have received in the pharmacy several creams whose main ingredient is snake venom. But make no mistake, before you start talking about these products is to make two important clarifications:

  1. When we speak of snake venom, as expected, not just any snake. The poison works wonders is the waglerin 1, which is extracted from a single species the Tropidolaemus wagleri or Malaysia Temple Viper, a snake that apparently found in large quantities in the Temple of the Serpents of Penang Island in Malaysia.
  2. For many vipers that live in this temple, on the success of these products, if it were true that the creams used their poisons were to be extinguished quickly. It is precisely at this point I should clarify that poison, poison is said, do not carry any of the creams we've tested.

In fact, the active of these is the wrinkle called Syn ®-Ake tripeptide based on a, a protein with three amino acids, which has an effect similar to waglerin 1. This protein is what makes neuromuscular block communication, such as botox but logically in a less aggressive. Syn ®-Ake resembles the venom protein with its beneficial effects but without its effects deseados.Resumiendo, what you get is to relax the facial muscles leaving the skin smoother.

Among the products that I can recommend are:

Snake Venom. Syn ®-Ake. Lift Effect Cream Natural Harmony. Cream without parabens with TVS (Tripeptide Snake Venom) providing a lifting effect. Its formula is enriched with anti-wrinkle action cactus, aloe vera and SPF 15 ultrahidratante. Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing facial on the face, neck and décolleté. It is sold in pharmacies and costs € 21.98 package of 50 ml.

Ridestop anti-age creme of Koseifarma. It provides an intensive smoothing effect by relaxing the face getting erase wrinkles and expression lines. Its formula is enriched with anti-wrinkle action with hyaluronic acid, which as all know has a high hydration power that favors the effect of wrinkle filler, and Iris Isoflavones which increases the consistency of the skin by increasing its density and firmness. It is sold in pharmacies and costs € 17.86 package of 50 ml. Apply on clean skin morning and evening on face, neck and décolleté.