The total ban on lighting up in any enclosed public space, would be the end objective of the new standard. The Health Ministry has never hidden his desire to toughen the law and the very Trinidad Jimenez said yesterday that since she chairs the department you work in this direction. "We had clear determination to pass a law banning smoking in any public space. Now we are able to make a decision, to go one step farther, "said the minister, adding that" our society is mature and accept that health authorities finally banned the consumption of snuff in all public places and leisure "through a" hardening "of the current Anti-Tobacco Law.

To justify the decision of his department, the Health Minister said "Almost everyone would like to enter a place where you do not mind the smoke, smoke or not smoke, because space is always a pleasant" . In this sense, "seeing what happens in Italy or Ireland, such decisions are working well," Jimenez said.

In his remarks, Jimenez argued further that the catering industry would rather have a "clear law" to which to comply. The minister confirmed that it intends that the new anti-smoking legislation receives green light for this term, something that undoubtedly will raise blisters on certain areas.

The president of the hoteliers, Juan Carlos Gelabert, believes "it is not time to ban the economic crisis. Still, the industry prefers to be "cautious". It is not put at the beginning of the debate all the meat on the grill. The negotiations were long expected. That is the time to defend it more strongly the interests of businesses. The starting position is a resounding no.

The deadline to end snuff smoke in public places will be in 2012.