The snuff is one of the most harmful habits for healthy skin and a more significant contributor to premature aging. The experts emphasized that "snuff, along with other conditions such as solar incidence, nutrition and chronic conditions, determine the condition of the skin."

Although aging is an individual process that varies widely depending on the routine and lifestyle of each person, Agustin Viera added that "race, sex, genes and patterns mark the skin of each individual process and determine the appearance of their skin. " He states that the skin of Europeans wrinkle earlier and more intense "than the hispanic, African and African-Americans, who" are much more resistant skin over the years, less prone to sagging and sagging ". The dermatologist highlights the case of Asians, "Your skin ages differently from the rest of the world, for age were evident with the appearance of spots instead of wrinkles."

In all cases, there is a skin differentiation by sex. Men have a tougher skin, being richer in collagen, more elastic and firmer. Moreover, the expert explained that is 24% thicker than female skin, fewer wrinkles and a more developed hair and a more acidic pH. According to Augustine Viera, "they have a thicker skin, with between 3,000 and 6,000 hairs covering his face, so that later age, even his wrinkles are deeper."

The dermatologist says that the skin ages in a "D", following a plane passing through the outer dermis (superficial), the dermis (middle) and subdermal (deep). Says that "every age, the aging of the skin through a different plane to demand adequate remedies at that time."