Such applications allow users to take photos of their moles and whether they can be cancerous.

Using specific mathematical algorithms, such tools calculate the shape of the mole and surrounding skin by building a structural map to discover patterns of tissue growth to help identify abnormal developments.

 All applications include a warning that should be used for educational purposes only, and can not be aimed at obtaining a diagnosis. However, people must realize that the review of these applications for mobile can not replace specialized medical evaluation.

"If a person detects an injury concern, but your smartphone's app incorrectly assessed as benign, this person will not go to the specialist," says Dr. Laura Ferris, assistant professor of dermatology at the Medical School of the University of Pittsburgh . Ferris added that the current disclaimers do not include a statement about what will happen if the melanoma is ignored because it will be more difficult to treat, and the prognosis is worse.

Avi Lasarow, president of Lasarow Healthcare Technologies, the app DEALER Detective Mole (3.93 €), states that the main objective of the application is to increase awareness about the dangers of melanoma.

 "We believe that our application is already doing to bring technology from a dermatological evaluation method in your own home," said Lasarow, referring to the analysis used by the application. The application seeks the common symptoms of melanoma, including Lunar asymmetry, border irregularity and color variations, but makes no actual diagnosis, concluded Lasarow.

Regulation is necessary for medical applications for smartphones before they become a health problem.