The campaign involving artists such as Shakira, Madonna, U2, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Eminem, Justin Bieber and Codplay, along with sporting heroes like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewis Hamilton and Muhammad Ali.

Under the project, "Friends" and "followers" of these celebrities can watch a short director Kevin MacDonald ("The Last King of Scotland ') on the crisis gripping the east of Europe, entitled' I'm gonna be your friend '(' I'll be your friend '), in honor of one verse of the song' High tide or low tide 'of singer Bob Marley.

'I'll be your friend'

The song has been chosen especially for the Marley family because of its meaning and the campaign, which is based on collaboration between friends through social networks.

"No child should be denied food or water, no child should suffer," said the singer's widow, Rita Marley. "We have to stop this, feed children and save their lives," he added.

In this way, Save the Children hopes that the message reaches some 600 million people, the number of followers they have on Facebook and Twitter all the stars who have agreed to cooperate with the charitable initiative.

"We not only help raise awareness of the magnitude of the tragedy, but the NGOs, said that the video can be downloaded for $ 1.29, an amount to be allocated in full to alleviate famine in the Horn of Africa.

There will also be available to the campaign proceeds from the charity match on Tuesday between Glasgow Celtic and Manchester United.

"Save the Children and other agencies are supporting families with food, water and medicine, but the crisis worsens and millions of children face malnutrition," explained the president of the NGO, Carolyn Miles.

The Horn of Africa suffers a devastating humanitarian situation resulting from the worst drought in 60 years and climate change in the area, in the case of Somalia is compounded by the conflict in the country, where Islamic fundamentalist militia Al Shabab, linked to Al Qaeda, controls some of the worst affected areas.

The UN last week extended to five areas of Somalia which has declared a state of famine, while estimated that 1,686 million euros required to attend more than 12 million people threatened by famine in all Horn of Africa.