It's really funny but decreases sexual arousal threshold "disgusting". Some women, in fact, were tested by researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, many of them reached a state of hysteria against cockroaches, snakes or spiders. Strangely, however, if you were sexually aroused, the sense of disgust virtually disappeared.

The researchers were intrigued with this behavior, concluding that the only stimulus able to "defeat", or at least reduce the feeling of disgust that can be experienced before anything is 'sexual arousal'.

He chose a group of 90 college women, they were separated into three groups. The first group will put an erotic film for women, the second group watched a video sports and the third group watched a video of a train.

After watching the video, they asked women to do 16 tasks a little nasty, like to drink a glass of juice with an insect inside, hands are cleaned with a used tissue, which is biting a cookie was near a live worm.

Women who viewed erotic video, were those that gave the least disgust perform tasks. Were also completing as much of the same, suggesting that being excited den makes things less disgusting.

This research has been much talk and has been published in dozens of magazines.

In short, sex is good, and we all knew, that may increase the threshold of disgust ... I just discovered!

Fotografía por John Kucharski [Public domain], undefined