I bring you the perfect skin solution for improving the quality of the skin ! Color , tone , younger looking skin with a radiant light ...Authentic facial !

Serum C -Vit sesderma

An ideal place to increase the strength and elasticity of the skin , achieving a younger looking skin serum . :

Significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Firms skin .

Lightens spots .

Sesderma C -Vit Serum is a treatment that corrects the excesses of the day and get better skin giving uniform and radiant tone .

More advantages:

Liposomes containing Ascorbyl Glucoside thanks to its anti-free radical properties helps correct skin damage and protect the external environment (sun, stress, smoke snuff , pollution) .

Transform skin with Liposomes assets comprising its formula providing uniformity and brightness from the first application on the skin.

It is formulated for all skin types and is guaranteed to SeSDERMA who are specialists in DERMOCOSMETICS ..

Sesderma C -Vit Serum has a light texture and quickly absorbed , non-greasy which gives the skin an immediate feeling of freshness and brightness.

BEAUTY RITUAL SESDERMA Whatever your lifestyle :

Applies SeSDERMA Vit C- Serum to counter the excesses of the day and feel improves the quality and luminosity of your skin. You'll get a glowing skin even-toned , hydrated and refreshed .

After serum apply your usual moisturizer . I do recommend SeSDERMA C -Vit Face Cream .