This I can say with certainty not only because many tests corroborated by dermatologists worldwide have proven to work, but also because Serum7 has been chosen by millions of women in Europe.

In the UK, the clinical results of the tests performed on Beauty Serum were supported by a scientific documentary on television. This caused the serum become a phenomenon with the appearance of headlines like "wrinkle cream that really works," "miracle cream", "the secret of eternal youth" and the formation of lines of people waiting outside the shops to get their product. Thus became the number one anti-aging serum in UK *

Boots Laboratories used analysis technology to display the Build VISIA UV damage caused under the skin surface. In considering two millimeters below the surface damage discovered entirely invisible to the eye. This information allowed calculating Boots Laboratories skin age and analyze how women differed from their actual age.

The Age of Skin can move faster than your actual age, the longer you unprotected against UV rays. The following image shows visible damage and damage underlying skin of a woman who underwent a skin EVALUATION of age. His real age was 40 (in his next birthday) but the evaluation showed that his age was actually 34 Skin.