The presentation  took place in early March at the Hotel Casa Fuster in Barcelona. In addition to involvement of specialist Manuel Sanchez, a dermatologist at the Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor of Barcelona, was attended by Christophe Billet, director general of Bioderma in Spain, as well as Carmen Fernandez and Sonia Corral, also of the Laboratories.

H2O sensitivity is characterized by gently cleanse sensitive skin, while increasing their tolerance threshold. And not just for the faces more demanding, but also is an effective, fast and convenient way to cleanse and moisturize all skin types.

Its success is due to women seeking a product to cleanse and moisturize the face and eyes in a single gesture. For this, the micellar water is ideal, because it creates a film on the surface hydro. It's called "all in one" (all in one), which incorporates Toleridine, an association of assets that does not contain soap or perfume. In this way, prevents the sensation of irritation due to its active relievers and decongestants.

Micellar Water was founded in 1985 by the hand of Jean-Noel Thorel, founder of Bioderma to clean gently and without making it clear the wounds of patients in the burn unit of the hospital, but he revolutionized the world of cosmetic dermatology.

It is an aqueous solution of free fatty acids, a highly concentrated, stable form spherical microstructures, called micelles, which dissolve impurities from the skin to be hydrophilic on the outside and captured as a suction cup, as they have lipophilic interior.

It also contains innovative biomimetic natural components that respect the skin to 100%. In doing so, respects and re-educate the skin to restore its natural balance, not only from the surface but also from the origin and cause of the disorder.

Bioderma teaches skin regain and maintain their original function and adapt to the environment.