This is what you get. This made the stories the media. The president of a multinational pharmaceutical company speaks at the press thinking about the next ball of Nasdaq stocks, and many thousands of miles, a patient with a serious health problem that relies on that company's products because they have been prescribed by your physician begins to think of the word boycott. Begins to be afraid. This is what happened with the statements of Severin Schwan, Roche's chairman, told The Wall Street Journal, in which the Swiss company announced it was cutting the supply of its products to Greece for failure to pay and said something like that also had a eye on Spain, Italy and Portugal for their levels of delinquency with the pharmaceutical company. The Spanish government has reacted by saying that things are not done so, there is no risk of that happening here and how could it be otherwise, Roche Spain came out yesterday in defense of their president's approach, taking a walk debt autonomous communities, including the Andalusian.

Roche said in a statement yesterday picked Efe Spain, the average period of payment of some autonomous communities with the Swiss multinational is between 600 and 700 days and may even exceed 900, although Roche recalled that for months has been working with ministries of health to seek "urgent solution" to the current situation of defaults. Such counseling is the Andalusian, who, along with Valencia and Castilla-La Mancha, forms the group of regional health authorities that pay Roche for over 600 days. In a statement released yesterday, Roche Farma Spain noted that its "commitment" is to do everything possible to avoid damage or patients or the normal operation of hospitals. The laboratory also recalled that, as happens in other countries, and debt crisis in Spain is "significant" and, in the case of some autonomous communities, "is the limit."

According to Roche Pharmaceuticals, its operations are primarily focused on the hospital channel, so it is "particularly vulnerable" to the sluggishness of the hospitals, whose impact on the company is "more severe and faster" than for other pharmaceutical companies. Indeed, the Andalusian Health Minister, Maria Jesus Montero, said the matter, was quoted by Europa Press, that two-thirds of the turnover of the regional health laboratories are linked to pharmacies, which are becoming "almost daily" . Montero admitted that both in Andalusia and the rest of Spain "is true that there are no delays in paying bills" and that this situation "has worsened" with the crisis, but said it's an issue that governments are trying to solve.

Regardless of the deplorable conditions of treasury debt regional health services may be causing the coffers of the company in Spain (and their employment and research plans), Roche and the Administration have large meeting spaces where they talk about and other things without scaring patients, as the Medical Genome Project, supported by Roche Diagnostics (which is not the same thing but it is equally Roche Pharmaceuticals) in Andalusia and, at the state level, the acquisition of antiviral