Although not among the most prevalent rheumatic diseases, is the most disabling, as it gives, especially in young population. Ana Urruticoechea, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Sixth Symposium of the SER AR Service Rheumatology rheumatologist at the Hospital Can Misses in Ibiza, "it is a serious disease, however, is unknown by most people , often confused with other rheumatic diseases. "

Ibiza hosts this weekend SER VI Symposium on the disease, which will bring together leading experts on the subject, and organized two specialized courses. Will cover the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment as well as developments in the use of biological therapies. As explained Ana Urruticoechea, "often the disease occurs in an insidious, with signs and symptoms not evident and, moreover, may be masked by anti-inflammatory medications and steroids."

"Pathology," the expert added, "presents with pain, stiffness, swelling and loss of joint mobility, and especially affects the most mobile joints such as hands and feet and wrists, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. " Moreover, sustained and uncontrolled inflammation may end up damaging the bones, ligaments and tendons around the joint there, which leads to progressive deformity of the joints, loss of ability to perform everyday tasks and a deterioration in the quality and life expectancy.