It is a membrane that prevents the entry and exit of external actors in the product contaminants in the time used and, thus, ensures that the product never deteriorates.

In this way, you can use sterile, preservative-and large-capacity pack, which until now was impossible. In addition, it eliminates the PAO (maximum time of use after opening).

The capsule D.E.F.I. consists of four high precision parts to ensure the tightness of the product and work together seamlessly with the package. Moreover, the closure is sealed with a clip of inviolability. This system revolutionizes dermocostmética because it allows a sterile, preservative and a great format, unlike what had been achieved so far.

This innovative locking system prevents oxidation; ensures the effectiveness of active devices over the use of the cream, avoid pollution, and no maximum time of use after the first use, since it is as if it had never been opened.

The first to incorporate the new device will be 'Tolérance Extrême' suitable for hypersensitive skin and allergic dermatitis acute, photosensitization, dermatological or surgical postintervention, with the aim of restoring the skin barrier and return to their welfare. With only 6 ingredients to the Cleansing Milk and 9 for the cream, ignore any potentially irritating element and provide only the essential and effective for allergic and hypersensitive skin.