Resveratrol is the fashionable anti-aging molecule, which is why we have begun to see an avalanche of products with this active ingredient.

Among the latest arrivals are ArmoniaBio pharmacies Cream with Resveratrol and Wine Resvital both Bio Harmony brand. This company aims to create a different cosmetics, a natural alternative in which innovation, initiative and consolidate experience in the creation of biological and organic cosmetic products of high quality and effective for the skin.

Its products with natural perfume and certified by Ecocert are developed under dermatological control. Among the things that I like Bio Harmony highlights the fact that they are derived from mineral oils or petrochemicals, nor contain parabens, silicones or fenoxietarol; in their formulations do not include colorants, synthetic fragrances, no chemical pesticides or preservatives authorized by Ecocert. Also not tested on animals, the containers are recyclable and contain no PVC and polystyrene and its production process has plans to improve environmental management and 99% of ingredients of natural origin, derived primarily from agriculture Eco.

The wine cream with Bio Harmony Resveratrol is active as the famous resveratrol that is 100% natural concentrated wine, grape and aloe vera. It is a rejuvenating cream that fills in wrinkles and revitalizes the skin.

The other product is an all natural antioxidant food supplement called Resvital and each capsule contains the resveratrol equivalent to eating 45!! bottles of red wine. And is that each pill contains 9.5 milligrams of resveratrol. But besides this ingredient in the formula is associated with selenium free antiradical Proven to enhance the antioxidant effect of our body.

Resvital clearly represents a global breakthrough anti-aging and prevention of major health problems, has shown that science is not only prolongs life expectancy but also improves the quality of it.

Resvital treatment is based on daily intake of a capsule with an individual price of less than one euro, sold in boxes of thirty units, and taking to be made to complement a healthy balanced diet.

Resvital consumption does not cause side effects, according to its creators, having been demonstrated to be safe after passing through endless scrutiny by the scientific community and health authorities.