The 61 percent of the Spanish population is satisfied with their sexual relationships, being young, between 25 and 35, the most content with their situation and yet the most interested in improving their relations.

The lack of desire and routine in relationships is what worries the Spanish, according to a report on sexual habits in the Spanish population, which reflects that 82% believe that "intimate relations could improve." The problem was most acute in large cities, where lack of time and stress negatively affect relationships.

According to survey data, the Balearics enjoy good sexual health, while 25 percent reported having some trouble in their relationships. The canaries, however, are the Spanish that give more priority to her sex life with 60 percent compared to 54% of the national average.

There are male specific problems such as erectile dysfunction, which concerned 52% more to man, and others, women, and lack of appetite (22% more to women).

When seeking solutions, the men state that they seek health care until they are faced with a serious health problem, despite considering the help of medical personnel vital to treat erectile dysfunction.

One of the aspects highlighted in the report is that one in three women acknowledge that it is sometimes necessary to pretend to bed, especially with increasing age.

You can read the full report: Report on Sexual Health Habits among the Spanish population