One in six Spanish couples of childbearing age have difficulty conceiving a child naturally. Although this problem is generally attributed to women, the fact is that 40% of cases are due to male causes. Therefore, recent studies and advances in the diagnosis of infertility is focus on the male factor.

The fertility clinic has incorporated the technique Ginefiv selection MACS immunomagnetic cell that differentiates sperm apoptotic markers, destined to die, the healthy and optimal fertilization of the egg. This selection improves the fertilization rate by 13%.

"In this technique the protein Annexin mixed with small magnetic beads for recognizing the damaged membrane of the male gametes destined to die. They are magnetized in a column filter by passing the semen sample, allowing the healthy only be used for fertilization, "explains Dr. Vincent Badajoz, coordinator of clinical laboratory Ginefiv.

Indicated for patients with poor sperm quality with more than two treatment cycles without pregnancy, repeated abortions or failure of embryo implantation, the MACS technique can complement the IMSI in case of severe male infertility, as the first selected sperm membrane healthy and the second a selection of which are morphologically better for fertilization.