According to the expert in cardiovascular problems such as Alzheimer's and heart failure often go hand in hand. The discovery highlights recently discovered the existence of a common element to both health issues: it is the lack of blood in a small vessel located in the brain.

The common reason that explains the concurrent presence of a heart attack and various problems such as dementia is the huge number of tiny blood vessels in the brain (chances are that these are destroyed and lead to heart attack and have dementia).

These discoveries were only possible by using new imaging techniques in real time, allowing viewing brain vessels and channels with a high degree of accuracy.

According to the research of cardiovascular disease this has enormous significance for the prevention of any of the two diseases. By taking preventive measures against diseases, in fact, be acting on behalf of the other (will prevent other disease). One of the key points to stop the spread of these diseases in the population is to control the power.

Persons who have a healthy diet and proper exercise regimen are less likely to develop dementia or have a heart attack. In the case of dementia, however, continues to weight the factor of intellectual exercise as a preventive measure for Alzheimer's disease or other illnesses associated with brain disorders.