The lack of demands from the kidnappers also provoked a reaction from the family, who said that "was a stroke of bad luck and a chance encounter with his kidnappers, who have not made any request," that is not retained political or economic reasons, but for "reasons unknown," said Yolanda Sarsa, Mario's sister.

"The Spanish ambassador in Kinshasa has traveled to the Congo and that there will be several meetings and contacts with senior officials of the country, and that as soon have some news, it shall notify the family," said Yolanda, who thanked all the efforts by African and Spanish institutions.

Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, argued that Mario Sarsa "is a man closely linked with Africa" which was co-operating in Equatorial Guinea and "well aware of the continent," adding "we hope that his knowledge and his approach problems also allows us to release it quickly. "

Recall that the area where the abduction took place is infested with guerrillas among which the armed forces of the Republic of the Congo or the liberation forces of Rwanda, a country where genocide has occurred in the 90s.