For all to be aware of the danger you run, FEFE has issued a statement which shows the plight of defaults to pharmacies by region.

In Catalonia, the repeated non-payment to pharmacies led to a lockout on Oct. 25 in which were kept open for minimum services 3,100 371 existing pharmacies. Debt, three months, amounting to 360 million euros. Catalan pharmacies November charged EUR 90 million but the situation has led to more than 200 pharmacies to exhaust your credit and 10 pharmacies have closed down.

In Valencia, pharmacies debt is 540 million euros related to the consumption of drugs in the past 5 months. There was a payment of 114 million euros that caused the indefinite closure desconvocatoria that kept since 5 November and continued until the 28th of the same month. Along with the November payment, corresponding to the second half of May and first half of June, established a payment schedule for the remaining debt of 2012, to be completed in March 2013.

Aragon has recently joined the Communities that delay payments, so that you are prepared for action by pharmacists Aragonese to demand payment of the two installments pending.

A 701 pharmacies Canaries were owed three months rent. In late November received the payment for the month of August and the outlook for 2013 is budgeted indicate that a reduction of 8% would be reasonable in case you have no arrears, but it is with the outstanding debt.

In Ireland there is an ongoing standardization process that should end the year with an outstanding single month, but for now there are still two months late.