When we sleep is easy to fall into the trap of what are the basic principles of healthy sleep and tend to confuse the concept of "quality" with "quantity".

I slept a lot, but I am rested. Why is that?

Actually, there is nothing strange sleeping hours are not necessarily synonymous with "sleep well".

Yes there is a minimum below which you can not sleep less, but we got used to thinking in terms of quantity and yet when sleep is important to understand the factors that determine the quality, in order to respect and care only in a second timer that measures time.

How many times have slept only a few hours of sleep and you woke up fit and rested?

This is the classic example of a good balance between the two factors.

Here are some aspects that can help improve the quality of our sleep.

  • Rather than the "how", you must pay attention to the "when" sleep, we must comply with a certain regularity of schedules, this will help our biorhythms and spend the night hours so that they are sleeping relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • Temperature and humidity. Accustom ourselves to keep them under control, can be an obstacle that prevents us from sleep and surely disrupt the regularity of our rest once asleep.
  • Eating right and measurement. Eating close to the time you want to sleep is not the most appropriate, having food in the stomach or hard to digest foods, we will create trouble sleeping and have a rough and irregular sleep.
  • Our animal friends. It will be a blow to animal lovers, but our pets should not sleep with us. Their nocturnal movements may eventually disturb our rest.
  • Total darkness. Make sure the room is completely dark, without artificial or natural light that can enter the sunrise.
  • Awakening. Awakening is a key moment to exit sleep phase correct mode. We must expose to daylight as we awoke to regulate our biorhythms in a natural way.
  • Choose the mattress. Finally, the type of mattress and its quality must always be considered. Choosing the right one and make sure it is the best suited to our physical and our tastes greatly help us to enjoy a good rest.

Imagen: Gustave Courbet [Public domain], undefined