"Dukan approach uses a high protein diet for weight loss because it produces an increase in ketone bodies, which causes nausea and reduces appetite. People come to this point because they do not want to eat food, but ketones are harmful to the kidneys and can cause long-term kidney damage. "

Professor Michele Carruba, University of Milan and Director of the Center for the Study of Obesity in Milan, said the news that the Medical Board has criticized Dr. Dukan, inventor of the diet miracle method for losing weight used by the stars and the diet chosen by Kate Middleton to stay in shape on their wedding day.

But What are the criticisms of the dietitian and your invention? Before turning to consider the pros and cons, it is useful to explain that the Dukan diet is divided into four phases, three of which involve the ingestion of large amounts of protein which, little by little, you are adding other foods, but always in a lower percentage.

A diet of this type offers a great advantage: rapid weight loss which gives you the strength to continue with the Chinese torture (or should I say French?) In question.

The disadvantages are, however, very numerous, the most important are:

The total lack of fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates cause serious nutritional imbalances and can, given the amount of protein, cause an increase in bad cholesterol
The Dukan diet is no guarantee that you lose weight by burning fat: in fact, is more likely to lose muscle and all excess liquid.
Once the diet produces a stimulus acting on the protein metabolism and the body reacts by blocking weight loss
After a successful start is often a phase of fatigue, which corresponds to a likelihood of recovery of lost weight in 90-95% of cases.
It is impossible to make if for allergy problems, intolerance or choice do not drink milk, eggs or you're a vegetarian.
The lack of whole grains, fruits and vegetables varied can lead to a lack of antioxidants, which can lead to cardiovascular problems.