ts components are a dispenser of drugs and intra-oral electronic small in size, removable and non-invasive for the patient, an external pump to dispense large quantities of medicine and a personal network to gather information about the user's environment and detect possible blockages.

It also has an infrastructure of telecommunications service and to analyze and communicate bi-directionally, from the user or caregiver automated system and in the opposite direction. It also includes a remote point of care to monitor the evolution of the controls.

Sensor is activated when the laptop detects the onset or worsening symptoms of Parkinson's patients. At that time sent through a mobile pump instructions for carrying the affected subcutaneous dose rises. The system also allows a doctor to monitor the patient's condition and the results achieved with the treatment through the computer.

The aim is that this device anticolérgicos agents administered in a controlled manner and in accordance with demand, thereby controlling the progression of the disease and mitigating its symptoms, improving quality of life of sufferers and their carers, as well as reducing the morbidity .