The results of the study, collected during two years follow-up of 82 patients have been published in the journal Obesity Surgery Journal.

The pioneering study worldwide on the POSE procedure, found that endoscopic therapy is a valid therapeutic option for the treatment of obesity since it achieves a gradual weight loss and, in the medium and long term, easy maintenance. Withholding interventions, 82 patients lost an average of 50% of excess weight during the first 6 months and 60% during the first year. In all cases, patients experienced more filling and alimenticiosy changing patterns with regard to basal insulin levels, showed significant improvement in the levels of blood glucose.

Global benchmarks in the treatment of obesity in the POSE technique, endoscopy equipment teknon Medical Center organizes trainings to train specialists from around the world. In recent formations have been present specialists from England, Austria, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the U.S., among others.

In 2011, the Endoscopy Unit and Functional tests Digestive teknon performed for the first time in Spain, reducing stomach endoscopically without making any incisions. To date, the Unit has conducted more than 130 interventions with highly satisfactory results such as faster recovery and less painful for patients, the absence of visible scars and the average reduction of 50% of overweight patients during the first 6 months after surgery.

The natural orifice surgery without incisions or scars, is recommended for overweight or obese patients with body mass indexes (BMI) of between 30 and 40kg/m2 who have failed conventional dietary treatments and also for those patients that the intragastric balloon or bariatric surgery has not worked or unwilling to undergo major surgery. This type of surgery reduces the stomach capacity orally without opening any path. It is performed under sedation and 24h. after surgery the patient can do relatively normal life.

Endoscopy Unit and Functional tests Digestive teknon Medical Center, founded in 1994 by Drs. Jesus Turro and Jorge Carlos Espinós, provides a modern endoscopy supported by the most advanced technology and treatment techniques that avoid, in many cases, the need for conventional surgery. Backed by 19 years of practice, Endoscopy Unit is teknon international leader in the endoscopic technique and has performed more than 200,000 endoscopic procedures.