Regarding tumors, in particular lung and bronchial cancer is the leading cause of death in Spain beating breast cancer and colon together. The main risk factor for lung and bronchus cancer is smoking , responsible according to studies 71% of deaths from respiratory diseases affecting both active and passive smoking .

In order to help stem the alarming numbers of deaths due to lung cancer and improve the life expectancy of those affected , the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery ( separ ) and the Spanish Association Against Cancer ( AECC ) signed last week a collaboration agreement for the purpose of working together in the prevention , treatment and social awareness about smoking and lung cancer .

" Of concern is the increase in mortality due to lung cancer , in only twenty years has gone global occupy the eighth position among the causes of death in 1990 to fifth current " explains Dr. Pilar de Lucas , president of separ , "so it is essential that organizations are already doing important work like our join efforts and work cooperatively to have a greater impact . " Meanwhile Ms. Isabel Oriol , president of the aECC , explained during the ceremony agreement signing "with this agreement we unite our smoking prevention programs and care for people diagnosed with cancer to strengthen and complement our strengths . The AECC can bring their widespread deployment separ social while we provide care and scientific expertise . "

Among the activities that through this agreement want to carry out the two entities is the collaboration in the prevention and treatment of smoking . Separ collaborate in smoking cessation programs that aecc made through their offices and also to be attended by doctors and specialists separ smoking in order to complement the training and to expand the supply of specialized therapies to the population . It also provides for collaboration on awareness and prevention activities aimed at one of the most sensitive groups such as adolescents , sharing programs , publicity materials and other initiatives to prevent the consumption of snuff . Finally , separ shall provide all the information the AECC on Smoking Units specialized and accredited by separ .

With regard to lung cancer , one of the objectives is to share resources , programs and services available to the AECC through its network of 52 branches located in almost all Spanish provinces , particularly for patients of pulmonologists and surgeons thoracic who need to benefit from the program of comprehensive care to the person newly diagnosed with cancer , patients who are at a particularly vulnerable and often need special attention. Meanwhile, professionals separ respiratory diseases , and separ through their executive bodies , provide scientific advice in lung cancer and smoking to the AECC .

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