So sharp is the point 6 of a document that has now gone, and they sign SEGO president, José Manuel Bajo Arenas, and the Section on Perinatal Medicine of society, Martinez-Astorquiza Txanton.

 The basis for this recommendation is multiple. On the one hand, experience from previous years. It states that "The condition of seasonal influenza during pregnancy is accompanied

of increased morbidity and mortality with respect to non-pregnant women. "and that" the risk of disease after seasonal influenza disease increases as pregnancy progresses. "Specifically, the principle is almost the same, in the weeks 37 to 42, is multiplied by 4.7.

Furthermore, information already this year. "In the current pandemic pandemic virus in pregnant women have a relative risk of 4.3 to be hospitalized on the general population," says the document.

Finally, as already done by professional associations, gynecologists recommend "strongly, vaccination to all health professionals who assist pregnant women.