The president of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry (SEP) and head of the Psychiatric University Hospital Ramón y Cajal de Madrid, Jeronimo Saiz, reminds us that the return to work after the holidays is just one more difficulty in life that requires adapt to a reality that does not always match expectations.

Symptoms such as irritability, insomnia or anxiety that manifest after the return to work after the summer period of rest depends largely on the satisfaction that comes from work, return to a strict schedule or return to the routine, among other circumstances.

The post-holiday syndrome occurs most often in professions that have to be in direct contact with people, with the public as teachers, business, journalists and others. This situation reflects a mood rather negative among workers who return to their posts and that has to do with the level of dissatisfaction. It is therefore an upset "temporary and brief" does not require medical care or drug treatment, but a confrontation with reality and accept the new situation.

Children also are exposed to post-holiday syndrome more nervous or uneasy. In this situation, it is recommended to remain calm and maintain patience with the child, because children are like sponges and always capture the excitement of his parents which remain unaltered.

Among other tips, it notes that there is dialogue with the child and remind all the positive aspects of you will enjoy at school, it is also expedient that the child starts to school routines-both times, sleep, meals, study, etc .- a week before the return to school.