The available data on the risk factors in La Rioja , highlights that 50 % of diagnosed patients not adequately control their habits . Regular physical exercise helps to combat the risk factors and, moreover , by acting directly on the heart and blood vessels , is one of the most effective in preventing the onset and progression of the disease. In people who have already had heart disease , it has been proven that exercise helps to treat and improve the quality and quantity of years lived .

The benefits of exercise are not only related to the prevention of heart disease. People who carry a more active lifestyle "feel better" and produced in your body greater resistance to the various assaults that life and causes over the years . Adults who maintain an active lifestyle reaching older ages with greater willingness to work and less reliance on those around them .

By neglecting physical inactivity are achieving a number of health benefits for the entire body . With a workout plan moderate rate decreases the risk of cardiovascular mortality , especially coronary artery disease , it prevents the risk of high blood pressure and reduces blood pressure values ??in hypertensive patients . Decrease the percentage of fat in body composition , avoiding obesity and associated diseases , diabetes , hyperlipidemia and obesity.

In La Rioja in relation to physical activity , 42.6 % of men and 61 % of women do not practice any physical exercise , in addition to daily sedentary activity , nor 35.8% of obese people . These gender inequalities cause poorer health in women than in men and reduced their protection against the most prevalent chronic diseases .

With regard to children , in La Rioja no physical exercise 23.8% of children and among the causes is the high time spent on television and playing video games, computer or Internet