Skin cancer in Spain has increased dramatically in recent years are recorded each year, 50,000 new cases and the profile of those affected is becoming younger. The practice is recommended for all ages, but dermatologists emphasized the importance in children, and adolescents, because they are more susceptible to the harmful effects of radiation, spend more time in the sun and not protected properly.

The 15th edition of the "sun, skin and sun protection," which Isdin done for years in collaboration with the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) has become one of the major initiatives to raise awareness in photoprotection Spain. This year 357 000 children have taken part in several sites.

The campaign has taken various steps, especially in the context of the 38th National Congress of the AEDV and the 59th Congress of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, which has participated exfutbolista and sports commentator Julio Salinas, and experts Julian Cornejo Mir, dermatologist and president of the AEDV, Enrique Herrera, dermatologist and president of the organizing committee of the AEDV; Gonzalo Cabrera, a pediatrician and vice president of the Sociedad Canaria de Pediatría, and Ma Victoria de Gálvez, a dermatologist.

The campaign aims to teach students the importance of adequately protected from the sun to prevent skin damage due to excessive sun exposure. They have forwarded some healthy habits such as avoiding the sun at noon, use protective easy to apply, water resistant and adapted to a FPS phototype; carry shirt, hat and glasses, and educate family and friends of the importance of sunscreen.